Healthy links

Here are a collection of some healthy links (and recommendations)  you may find useful:

Benefits of Optimal Breathing
Complete breakdown of all the benefits to be gained from optimal breathing,  This website includes lots of free tips, advise and other resources.

Staying Hydrated Free fact sheet on the importance of staying hydrated.

Health and Yoga Great website on the benefits of yoga and how to get started.

Symptoms of Dehyradration Great link to a BBC webpage providing information of how to spot signs of dehydration.

Water Aid Free hydration calculator.

Quality Fuels
Healthy Eating Recipes
Great website full of tips and advise for eating well, including free recipes.

Udo Erasmus The world-wide leading authority on essential fats and oil, great website full of useful content.

The Juice Master Jason Vale, aka The Juice Master is a leading authority on Juicing and is on a mission to Juice the world. He attends events and seminars around the world, organises retreats and is behind many of the Juice Bars popping up everywhere from Dublin to Dubai.

Fitness First
Largest chain of health clubs in the world, offering a fantastic range of classes and equipment, all in smart and modern facilities.

Nike Running Join the world’s largest running club with Nike+.  By combining technology with their kit, they’ve creating an impressive method of allowing you to monitor and record your distance, pace, time and calories whilst running.  Plan, download or share routes with people around the world and use a personalised coach for setting training goals such as a 5k, 10k or a marathon.

Tri 247 Great website for Triathlon – the fastest growing sport in the UK and US, combining the benefits of swimming, cycling and running.

Pilates Foundation
Pilates is one of the most effective ways to build core strength and flexibility (and can be practised at home). Their website contains all the information you need to get started.

Matt Lawrence’s book A complete guide to Core Stability along with all the exercises you’ll ever need to know.

Spa Breaks
Book Spa breaks online all around the world. Lots of special offers listed on this site.

Project Meditation Guide to different meditation techniques, also offers a free meditation course, streamed online from the home page.

Spotify Music Listen to over 500,000 tracks of music – FREE & LEGAL. Use the search function to find music to wind-down and relax to.

London based centre for Colonic Irrigation treatment – great service. Website is packed with information about this essential detoxification treatment.

Toxins out of control Causes of Allergies Natural Health website, good article reminding us why we need to be careful not to get overloaded with toxic chemicals.

Benefits of Skin Brushing (please read this) Natural Health website, great article highlighting the importance of skin brushing.

As A Man Thinkith
Free e-book download of this best selling book about how we largely control our destiny by how we think day to day.

The Secret – be careful what you wish for Good book review of The Secret – a worldwide best seller on the power of our minds to get what we want.

Tony Robbins Tony Robbins a leading authority on Human Excellence in all areas of life. Mid Western are the European Agents for courses and seminars (ask for Ren Tozowonah and mentioned Healthy Salesman for a discount).

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