Use Mobile Phone Apps To Sharpen Focus And Boost Productivity

Okay, your finance director and IT department might still be insisting on everyone keeping the old mobile bricks for now, but there is a compelling argument for them investing in a smart phone for you.

Doing any professional job today can involve processing a lot of information, so it’s easy to get completely overwhelmed by it all and loose focus on what’s important: our goals!!! Mobile apps can help us keep focussed and boost our overall levels of productivity.

The mobile apps industry has come a long way in the past few years, and now as we kick into the third quarter of 2010/2011, there are apps for pretty much everything:

Games / Entertainment / Utilities / Social Networking / Music / Productivity / Lifestyle / Reference / Travel / Sports / Navigation / Health & Fitness / News / Photography / Finances / Business / Education / Weather / Books / Medical.

Despite Blackberry and Nokia’s valiant attempts to keep up, the iPhone leads the way…by far. There are a huge amount of apps for supporting our social life, but here’s a few for business, which might help you get the FD to sign it off:)

For a fuller picture on the mobile phone app word, check out this great presentation by David Carr:

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