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Our Body’s Foundations

Core stability

Office worker are particularly prone to bad backs…along with sciatica and RSI.  Initially it tends to come and go (a warning sign), but if nothing is done about it, it can become permanent!

Often attributed to working from a computer all day i.e. sat down and hunched over your desk, there are three easy things we can do to both reduce the risk of developing a bad back in the first place and improve any existing problems.

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Free download: Healthy Habits

Healthy Sales Exec's Healthy Habits - free download

Dictionary definition of a habit: ‘An action done on a regular basis; An action performed repeatedly and automatically, usually without awareness’.

We all have hundreds of habits – many of which have built up over the years without realising it. It’s therefore important to try and accumulate a few GOOD ones from time to time in order to compensate for all the BAD ones (especially when it comes to our health).

This free Healthy Habits download, is a collection of 27 habits (3 for each Principles Behind Great Health) that can be printed off and stuck to the fridge door – or anywhere else it can be looked at for a minute or two everyday until the habit has been formed.

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Healthy Secrets

[wp_eStore_cart_when_not_empty] We’re getting fatter than ever before! Depression and suicide rates are up! We’re dying of heart attacks in our 30’s! Michael Jackson is still alive! Okay, only joking about the last one…but the others are very real! Fortunately help…

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Book Review: The 4-Hour Body

Tim Ferriss: Four Hour Body

Let’s not beat about the bush, who likes the idea of a lean chiselled body, lasting ecstasy in the bedroom and superhuman-like capabilities?

Well, normally we would say such things were nonsense – especially from the effort of just 4 hours per week, but given the author of this book is Tim Ferriss, it might just be possible.

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Great Reasons To Join A Gym

Great reasons to join a gymmuscles

Gymnasiums are no longer just full of beefcakes pumping iron. Most have turned into modern-day health clubs, and offer busy professionals every incentive and support to help get fit, get healthy and get sexy.

Here’s ten great reasons to join one…

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How To Still Burn Lots Of Calories – Without Exercising

Burning Calories

One of the most popular reasons (excuses) for not exercising, is a lack of time – which is not surprising given today’s hectic work schedules.

Fortunately there is a way that most of us can burn lots of calories which doesn’t take up lots of time, or involve getting all hot and sweaty.

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