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Free download: Healthy Habits

Healthy Sales Exec's Healthy Habits - free download

Dictionary definition of a habit: ‘An action done on a regular basis; An action performed repeatedly and automatically, usually without awareness’.

We all have hundreds of habits – many of which have built up over the years without realising it. It’s therefore important to try and accumulate a few GOOD ones from time to time in order to compensate for all the BAD ones (especially when it comes to our health).

This free Healthy Habits download, is a collection of 27 habits (3 for each Principles Behind Great Health) that can be printed off and stuck to the fridge door – or anywhere else it can be looked at for a minute or two everyday until the habit has been formed.

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Healthy Secrets

[wp_eStore_cart_when_not_empty] We’re getting fatter than ever before! Depression and suicide rates are up! We’re dying of heart attacks in our 30’s! Michael Jackson is still alive! Okay, only joking about the last one…but the others are very real! Fortunately help…

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How To Still Burn Lots Of Calories – Without Exercising

Burning Calories

One of the most popular reasons (excuses) for not exercising, is a lack of time – which is not surprising given today’s hectic work schedules.

Fortunately there is a way that most of us can burn lots of calories which doesn’t take up lots of time, or involve getting all hot and sweaty.

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Welcome to the resources section; here you have access to everything you need for getting healthier (and wealthier), after which you may feel like giving something back:-)     You can also use use the ‘Categories’ (at the top) or…

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Instant Stress Relief

Get out there and feel the wind in your hair and the rain on your back! Here’s a personal story from a former stressed-out executive to anyone who feels overwhelmed with everything.

I spent 8 years working in London and during all that time, I constantly suffered from physical and mental exhaustion to some degree. The nature of the work is that it consumed my every waking and sleeping moment; the targets and KPIs never went away.  At a management level, I was having to constantly deal with the stress, panic and apprehension coming in from staff, directors and clients.

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Highly Recommended Reading – Health

It is often said that success comes from experience, and experience comes from failure (or words to that affect). However, we don’t need to experience failure all the time to become successful at something – often it’s better to learn…

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