Highly Recommended Reading

It is often said that success comes from experience, and experience comes from failure (or words to that affect). However, we don’t need to experience failure all the time to become successful at something – often it’s better to learn from someone else who’s already gone through that learning curve and is happy to share their experience.

Therefore, at AW3i we read a lot of books to bring you lots of content to make you (and us) wealthier. What follows is a list of our favourite ones, along with a quick note on why. We update it every few weeks, so why not subscribe to our RSS feed (top right corner of this page) and we’ll update you when we’ve just read another one worthy of our collection.


Originally published by legendary Napoleon Hill, this updated version builds on the classic. Think and Grow Rich is the best book for getting started with building the right mindset for wealth.

Richard Branson is the undisputed Entrepreneur of our generation. His autobiography Losing My Virginity (latest addition) provides amazing insight into how he got started - which may shock those who don't already know.

The story of how 3 young men gave up their professional jobs and started doing what they loved - making healthy fresh drinks (and creating a £100m business). It includes all the lessons along the way as well as giving their perspective on how to run a business. Read this to get inspired.

How To Get Rich is the distilled wisdom of one of Britain's wealthiest self-made entrepreneurs - Felix Dennis. No waffle, he cuts straight to the chase and tells of how he takes no prisoners in pursuit of money.

David Allen has more than 20 years of experience in the productivity business - and is a true master on the topic. His book cuts through all the nonsense and provides a full-proof system for eliminating the unnecessary and focussing on those things you want.

Timothy Ferriss is living proof that anyone can design the ultimate lifestyle. His book was updated at end of 2009, and is packed with information, case studies and tools for getting out of the rat race and living the dream.

Richard Branson's Screw It, Let's Do It Anyway (expanded with extra chapters) is is view of lessons in life and business. It's a great read and also covers where he plans to take Virgin.