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We’re getting fatter than ever before!
Depression and suicide rates are up!
We’re dying of heart attacks in our 30’s!

Michael Jackson is still alive!

Okay, only joking about the last one…but the others are very real! Fortunately help is at hand to turn things around and massively reduce the chances of becoming part of the statistics above.

So we’ve written this 50 page premium ebook specifically for busy professional workers. The content is based on common sense, the personal experiences of other office-based workers, and a synthesis of concepts from over 20 of the world’s leading authorities on health and personal development, including: Andrew Weil, M.D., Dr Paul Clayton, Jason Vale (The Juice Master), Anthony Robbins, David Allen, Timothy Ferriss + many more. This premium ebook contains everything you need to:

Experience Super High Energy Levels Throughout The day – Naturally!

  • Learn how natural energy is created and generate lots of it throughout the day.
  • Understand about toxicity build-up and how to ensure you never get a cold again.
  • Get tips on cleansing your blood, liver and colon everyday in less than 5 minutes.

Build A Lean And Sculpted Body, Which Is Strong At the Very Core!

  • Build a fantastic metabolism that burns fat all day – even at night whilst you asleep.
  • Learn why so many people develop back and sciatic pain and how to avoid it easily.
  • Get all the resources you need to create the perfect body – on the inside and outside.

Eliminate Stress, Boost Productivity and Get Excited About The Future!

  • Eliminate at least 80% of your stress whilst massively boosting productivity levels.
  • Learn the art of leverage, avoiding time wasters and auto-eliminating email farts.
  • Get focussed on what you want from life and create the blue print to make it happen.

No talk of spending hours in the kitchen making mung-bean soup, or any hint of restrictive diets and crazy workout routines – we promise. And definitely no suggestion of chanting “I Love You” at yourself in the mirror everyday!

The emphasis is on keeping things fun and realistic in today’s professional working environments – which makes it enjoyable to read, and all the actions easy to achieve. Our aim is empower you with what you need to know, then help you make the changes necessary.

All this for less than the price of a takeaway pizza and cheap bottle of wine:)  The revenue goes towards keeping this site alive, and 10% of any profit goes towards running our non-profit mentoring academy – so thanks in advance for supporting us.





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Just bought your ebook – brilliant! You´ve managed a great balance between keeping it fun, but at the same time blowing me away with how our daily habits affect our overall health (the expose is scary stuff). I´ve just started to implment some of the changes you suggest and am already feeling fantastic – thank you!!!

Hello team AW3i. I haven´t bought your book just yet but am planning to in 2 weeks (pay-day:) I love your take on health; it´s not just about diet and exercise (physical) – optimism and passion (mental) are also just as important.

Hi Lee, thanks for the feedback (the images were designed by a French artist – and yes, he´s captured things perfectly). I´m glad to hear you´ve got your stress under control now – excessive hypertension (heart disease) is not good! Anthony Robbins sums things up perfectly: success is 20% mechanics and 80% pshychology i.e. with the right mind-set, you can put half the effort in, and get twice the results! 🙂

This is a great book – where did you get all the funny pictures? I was suffering from hypertension and stress really badly last year (I´m only 36!) and had to leave my job. Your book explains things really well and I can see why I was so stressed all the time. I´m doing a much less stressful job now but it´s still easy to get stressed out about other areas of life. Thanks for the productivty tools, I´m using them now but can´t believe I haven´t done this before. Thanks again, Lee.

As a mid-thirties slightly overweight sales guy, I fit the demographic perfectly, however the advice the book gives is suitable for all ages and all walks of life, after all we all have pretty much the same bioligical make-up regardless of what we do!

A great book and well worth the £15 investment, after all what price can you put on your health!

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