Pakistan Flooding: a helping hand, please!

Despite the hundreds of disasters different countries all around the world face everyday, every now and then something like the Boxing Day Tsunami or earthquake in Haiti come along. Right now Pakistan is facing the worse flooding ever known, affecting more people than the two previous disasters mentioned combined!

Millions have lost their homes and have no food or clean water, making them vulnerable to malnutrition and waterborne diseases such as diarrhoea, measles and polio. The situation reached critical several weeks ago and is still getting worse! All the emergency aid organisations are in action but they need a little helping hand from the rest of us. Just a small amount (above what we give to our chosen charities) would help them tremendously.

Contributing to others, especially those in dire need, is a human need in itself, helping us to stay in balance as we strive towards our own successes. Please take a few minutes to donate whatever you can via the links below.

Thank you for your compassion.


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