How To Get More From 2011

Results for 2011

Not sure about you, but most people feel like they’ve been run over by a bus in the first week of the year back to work. So how do you ensure 2011 gets off to a flying start?

First there were New Year’s resolutions, then there were Life Goals, then came the art of Zen for modern man (and woman): don’t stress yourself out with any resolutions!

The latter is certainly easier to do and reduces stress, but the problem with not having any focus for the New Year at all, is that there is a danger of not progressing much or seizing the opportunities that poke their head up from time to time  – as Felix Dennis puts it:

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

We’ve therefore put together a rough and ready template to help you identify a few goals (or results) in 2011 – download it by clicking on it.

All the best for 2011.

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