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Having worked in a professional sales capacity for over 10 years, I know the lifestyle well and therefore the challenges in trying to keep fit and healthy.  I used to think I did a reasonable job going to the gym a few times per week and eating a more or less balanced diet.  My job in London during the dot com days was well paid but stressful and consumed a lot of hours.  I compensated this by partying hard, which could often mean long sessions in the pub on a Thursday and Friday evening and out clubbing on Saturday night until Sunday morning.  After 5 years, I heading off to travel the world but wasn’t on a budget so carried on the party lifestyle everywhere from Tegucigalpa in Honduras to Warsaw in Poland. I ended up settling in Madrid for a year where they free-pour the spirits and have had 24 hour drinking for years.    


A little washed out, I eventually retuned to the UK in 2006 and started another sales job.  Driving over 30,000 miles in the first year and working exclusively from a laptop and mobile phone, I started feeling pains in my lower back and down my arms.  I carried on as normal but was depressed a lot of the time and started using snack food as a way to feel better, regularly buying crap from the vending machine or sandwich lady. I drank excessively on the weekends still and often couldn’t face the office on a Monday morning.  I never had any energy and found it difficult to get motivated or focussed on anything. I carried on like this for another year but eventually the pain had spread to my wrists and my lower back felt like it could snap any day.  In the end I went to see a chiropractor who took an X-ray revealing two vertebras were out of place and my piriformis (linked to the pelvis) was completely seized up. He also diagnosed RSI throughout my upper body.  I was now so miserable, I almost joined the operations team.


That was my threshold well and truly hit…I decided enough was enough and started on a six month recovery plan including a deep dive into the world of health and fitness. I stopped drinking alcohol and experimented with virtually everything in the health store; high potency multi-vitamins, mineral complexes, sprouted grains, digestive enzymes, mushroom complex, milk thistle, ph water boosters, omega oils, wheatgrass and electrolytes (just to name a few).  I sought treatment for my back and RSI from different specialists and had my kinetic chain re-alignment. I read books about nutrition and enrolled on courses covering everything from raw food diets to Detox programs.  I took colonics everyday for a week and threw out everything in the cupboards and fridge that had any trace of additives, colourings, preservatives or anything with ingredients I couldn’t pronounce.  Then out went all household cleaning and personal grooming products, replacing them with brands from companies that didn’t pollute the environment or exploit workers from third world countries.  


I drank fresh lemon juice and eat steamed broccoli in the mornings; then only salads, vegetables, nuts and berries all day. It worked.  I felt fantastic and had huge energy reserves. I took up swimming and went from being barley able to manage two lengths of a 50m pool to swimming 50 and entered my first Triathlon.  I’d get up at 5am every morning and either run, bike or swim for an hour or two before breakfast.  Within six months, I quit the job I never liked in the South West and moved on to a global professional services company working out of London – I felt invincible. 


The only problem was sustaining this type of lifestyle and having a social life. I was alienating family and friends and becoming a bit of a bore.  I reduced the exercise and stopped spending so much money at the health store.  Surprisingly, I felt a lot better for it and eventually found a great balance of enough exercise to keep me in great shape and the right food intake that still allowed me to enjoy those things that make us feel human.  The two years of self experimentation and study enabled me to see things in a different light.  There is a lot of confusion and controversy about what’s supposed to be good or bad for us: attributed to information out there blatantly published by certain industries following their own agendas like protecting revenues; and ‘celebrity-styled experts’ prospering with books and TV series designed to shock us.  A lot of our basic common sense has been lost and it’s not surprising people are confused.


It was for this reason, I wanted a way of capturing all the lessons I’ve learnt over the past few years.     Extracting the essentials and cutting through all the contradiction and controversy.  An outlet that’s completely unbiased and impartial.  Of course it goes without saying that I’m not an ‘expert‘ like a doctor or nutritionist so my thoughts and opinions should never be taken over profession medical advice and you need to make up your own mind.  That said, a lot the research I did was gathered from worldwide respected figures with many years of acquired knowledge such as: Dr Paul Clayton, Michael Van Straton; Andrew Weil; Anthony Robbins; Stu Mittleman; Jason Vale, Professor Ian Robertson and many many more.  Whatever stage you’re at with your own health, I sincerely wish you well with discovering the right balance for you as it can provide a huge amount of joy .  Please keep an eye on the blog entries and reviews, I have a lot more time now to learn about this stuff and am more than happen to share it with you.  All the best, Adrian!    

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