Hair of the dog – never again!

Need Hair of the Dog? Best Hangover Cure

No matter how many times it happens, we always promise ourselves…NEVER AGAIN!

Until the next opportunity for some drinks comes along. Sometimes even if we go out with the utmost resolute and unshakeable intention of ‘only having a few’. Several hours later, we’re at it again…ordering shots of sambuca from the bar before bouncing on to the dance floor for some John Travolta moves. The next morning arrives and we gradually awake with a throbbing headache and a furry tongue.  Damn, never again (again)! Fortunately, there is a hangover cure like no other.

The temptation is to go for a fry-up (when the sickness settles down), but this won’t provide us with what our body needs after such abuse with alcohol.  A far more effective (and scientific) hangover cure, that not only helps ease the feeling of nausea, but also tastes pretty damn good, is to get the following nutrients inside us immediately: Vitamins A, B6 and C, calcium, folic acid, iron, potassium, thiamine, magnesium, fibre, friendly bacteria, natural sugars, anti-oxidants, amino acids and (finally) beta-carotene.

What? Not as appealing as that fry up and seems a little complex?  No, it’s easy:

-Juice 1 large Orange (or equivalent amount from non-concentrate juice)
-1 large handful of mixed berries: strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries
-1 banana
-100g of low-fat yogurt
-4 ice cubes

Drop it all in a blender for 30 seconds and hey presto – everything the brain, liver and kidneys needs for recovering. The orange is rich in vitamin C, folic acid and an array of minerals such as potassium – all of which are depleted by the heavy drinking; the natural bacteria from the yogurt helps replenish healthy bacteria in the gut, quelling any nausea or an upset stomach; the natural sugars help to raise depleted blood sugar levels and the organic water flowing through nature’s finest fruits will immediately help with re-hydration.

If you don’t have a blender, you should get one because they are less than that round of sambucas and a godsend when it comes to getting your fill of fruit from fresh smoothies.

The above hangover cure is taken from the bible (order below) of Smoothies – ‘Keeping it Simple‘ by Jason Vale.

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