Great Planning Tool For 2010

Planning Tools

Bored with setting the same goals every New Year?  Do you write them out in January and then forget about them until December?

Here’s a tool that can be used to plan anything from racing camels around the Pyramids to Tango classes in Buenos Aires. It’s the work of Timothy Ferriss, a master of Lifestyle Design. He’s living proof that the dream life is up for grabs, and he’s nice enough to share his secrets.

Download the tool here: Dreamlining Calculators and Worksheet

His #1 best seller, The Four Hour Work Week, has just been updated and is now even more priceless than it was before. It’ll change your perspective about how the world works and how to get what you want from life – starting now! Check out his blog for tons of resources to boost productivity and get set for a fantastic year ahead:

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