Free download: Healthy Habits

Healthy Sales Exec's Healthy Habits - free download

Dictionary definition of a habit: ‘An action done on a regular basis; An action performed repeatedly and automatically, usually without awareness’.

We all have hundreds of habits – many of which have built up over the years without realising it. It’s therefore important to try and accumulate a few GOOD ones from time to time in order to compensate for all the BAD ones (especially when it comes to our health).

This free Healthy Habits download, is a collection of 27 habits (3 for each Principles Behind Great Health) that can be printed off and stuck to the fridge door – or anywhere else it can be looked at for a minute or two everyday until the habit has been formed.

We haven’t just made them up either; each habit has been carefully constructed to underpin the very foundations of great health, according to some of the leading gurus on the subject, people like Dr Andrew Weil, The Juice Master, Dr Paul Clayton, David Allen, Tim Ferriss, Richard name but a few.

Good luck!

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