First Post

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Welcome to the blog and thanks for taking the time to check it out.  As the first entry, I wasn’t entirely sure what to write, but conscious of your time and maybe this being your first visit, I thought it appropriate to provide an overview of why the site was created and where we plan to take it.

I started a blog back in 2007 following a period of highs and lows with my own health. The highs came from the excesses of living, working and partying in central London during the dot com years, and the lows came several years later. As with many guys in their mid 20’s who work hard but earn a lot of money, I would often use the weekends to let-off steam and went a bit wild at times. By the time my 30’s arrived my health was suffering badly, so I embarked upon a mission.

I gave up all vices, and over the course of two years completely turned things around to the point where I was entering triathlons and growing my own wheat grass. I’d taken it to the extreme and gone completely mad of course – friends stopped accepting dinner invites for fear of being fed mung-bean soup or bored to death about the latest health trick I’d discovered. Eventually I came back down to planet earth and found the right balance that took the main elements of maintaining great health, but blended them with the realities of living in today’s hectic world.

As I’d spent 10 years working in traditional office environments , I knew the lifestyle fairly well: early starts, skipping breakfast; lunch at the desk; not moving much all day; stress from deadlines; office politics; ungrateful employers; skipped exercise sessions; binging over the weekends and horrible gloomy Mondays!

The blog was a way of capturing the best bits from both my own experiences but mainly from the gurus I was learning from – people who were genuine and passionate in their pursuit of health, and weren’t just trying to make money from it; I was also determined to make sure it was realistic for today’s busy and demanding lives. I eventually bought everything together under the term  Principles Behind Great Health, which very carefully keeps things easy and fun, but actually covers some fairly complex areas such as lymphatic, muscular, skeletal, nervous, circulator and hormonal. I passionately believe these are the very foundations for a great level of health once you strip away all the media gloss and celebrity stuff.

Anyways, the blog got a great following so I started adding content for relationships, finances, business, career and wealth – as a balance across all these areas makes life good. What now? The plan is to keep aggregating and generating content to support, guide and inspire anyone who cares to use it. So please provide feedback by commenting on any of the blog posts you find interesting, as this helps everyone else reading them, and don’t forget to forward the links (especially Twitter, Facebook and YouTube) onto colleagues, friends and family – we’re all in this together:)

Thanks for taking the time to read this far, I genuinely wish you all the very best!