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Free download: Healthy Habits

Healthy Sales Exec's Healthy Habits - free download

Dictionary definition of a habit: ‘An action done on a regular basis; An action performed repeatedly and automatically, usually without awareness’.

We all have hundreds of habits – many of which have built up over the years without realising it. It’s therefore important to try and accumulate a few GOOD ones from time to time in order to compensate for all the BAD ones (especially when it comes to our health).

This free Healthy Habits download, is a collection of 27 habits (3 for each Principles Behind Great Health) that can be printed off and stuck to the fridge door – or anywhere else it can be looked at for a minute or two everyday until the habit has been formed.

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Use Google To Keep On Top Of The News, Stay Focussed And Boost Productivity

It’s not easy managing or prioritising the huge influx of other information coming at us every day.

The shear volume and variety of information to gorge on makes it far too tempting to put off the important things, such as completing actions that lead us towards our goals, and instead distract ourselves on things which are way beyond are control. The ‘news’ items are deliberately emotive in order to sell newspapers or increases TV ratings. Unfortunately this can eventually lead to stress and overwhelm as well as massively damage our productivity levels; fortunately, we now have RSS.

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Book Review: The 4-Hour Work Week

The Four Hour Work Week

Ever wanted to escape the rat race and holiday first class around the world whilst earning a passive income?

Or at the very least, create the blue print for such a compelling future that it would be almost impossible not to follow through with it? In his book, Tim Ferris has turned the concept of careers completely on its head.

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Will Smith: Success

This video isn’t for the bone idle among us, it’s for those you need a reminder of why we’re following our dreams and what we need to do to make them come true.

Why We Need A Good Night Sleep And How To Get It

How to ensure a good night's sleep

Poor sleep isn’t just annoying because it’s boring lying in bed looking up at the ceiling all night, it can also make us far more susceptible to poor health, such as catching colds.

A group of boffins from various hospitals and universities, all PhDs, carried out a study of people’s sleeping habits and their chances of developing a common cold. They basically injected rhino-virus up the hooters of 153 volunteers and then monitored their sleeping habits to see who caught a cold…surprise surprise, the results were conclusive.

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Hair of the dog – never again!

Need Hair of the Dog? Best Hangover Cure

No matter how many times it happens, we always promise ourselves…NEVER AGAIN!

Until the next opportunity for some drinks comes along. Sometimes even if we go out with the utmost resolute and unshakeable intention of ‘only having a few’. Several hours later, we’re at it again…ordering shots of sambuca from the bar before bouncing on to the dance floor for some John Travolta moves. The next morning arrives and we gradually awake with a throbbing headache and a furry tongue.  Damn, never again (again)! Fortunately, there is a hangover cure like no other.

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