Burn Calories – Even If You Skip Your Planned Exercise

Sidney burning the calories

One of the most popular reasons for not exercising during the working week…is a lack of time.

When the days are packed end to end with phone calls, meetings and travelling, it’s easy to drive straight past the gym after work or swap the idea of it for a few glasses of wine or pints of beer. Too much of this can result in a spare tyre – around the waist! Wouldn’t it be great if we could burn lots of calories even without exercising?

Walking is a forgotten art – the simple act of putting one foot in front of the other, whilst swinging our arms from side to side, and not even looking down at the ground but straight ahead and around us, requires co-ordination and balance. It clocks up a surprising amount of calories over time, and improves our digestion and transit time.

All those opportunities like walking between meetings, walking at lunch-time, walking to collect the kids from school, walking to the shops, taking the stairs instead of lifts and escalators – they all add up to burning a lot of calories. A twenty minute brisk walk in the evening, whilst the dinner is in the oven, also gets the digestion juices going and boosts energy levels for the rest of the evening (even if it is spent sat-down in front of the TV).

Buy a Pedometer from Amazon for less than £5 to measure how many calories get burnt during a typical day – then see how easy it is to double it just by walking! Or if you’re super cool, download an iPhone app.

pedometer iphone app

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Yes, a simple walk can clear your head and give you a radiant glow just before a meeting.
Stairs and walking up escalators are great for the glutes, plus on the underground it is the route less travelled.
Avoid crowds, burn calories and clear your head…no excuses!

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