Book Review: The 4-Hour Work Week

The Four Hour Work Week

Ever wanted to escape the rat race and holiday first class around the world whilst earning a passive income?

Or at the very least, create the blue print for such a compelling future that it would be almost impossible not to follow through with it? In his book, Tim Ferris has turned the concept of careers completely on its head.

Instead of spending the best years of our lives – 20’s-50’s – working in an office for eleven months of the year, for forty years, and then retiring, why not go against the herd and semi-retire now?

He defines the new rich (NR) as people who are wealthy in time, income and mobility – then lays out a pretty remarkable and comprehensive method of doing so. The 300 pages of this book are broken down into four stages:

Definition: turning our pre-conditioned ‘lemming mentality’ upside down.
Elimination: boosting our productivity by developing the art of selective ignorance, a low information diet and ignoring the unimportant.
Automation: using techniques such as geographic arbitrage, outsourcing and ‘non-decisions’.
Liberation: braking the shackles i.e. why do we live in the same place all the time?

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Thanks for the Timothy Ferris tip AW3i I’ll be sure to pick up the 4 Hour week & add it to the Xmas list. If it works out it should give me more time to catch more live music and sports events via those lovely chaps at

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