Book Review: The 4-Hour Body

Tim Ferriss: Four Hour Body

Let’s not beat about the bush, who likes the idea of a lean chiselled body, lasting ecstasy in the bedroom and superhuman-like capabilities?

Well, normally we would say such things were nonsense – especially from the effort of just 4 hours per week, but given the author of this book is Tim Ferriss, it might just be possible.

In his last book, The Four Hour Work Week (a New York Times best seller), he generated a huge following of fans with his thought-provoking blueprint for how to work just four hours per week, take regular extended holidays and generate a passive income.

His follow-up, The Four Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Super Human, has been two years in the making (probably taking some of those extended holidays), and many more years of research and self-experimentation. A master of outsourcing, leveraging and delegation (to hundreds of nice people in India), he’s certainly raised the bar with his new book when it comes to super health (mental and physical) – in fact, it blows anything else we’ve read out of the water by a mile – and all for less than the cost of a large Dominos Pizza!

We’ve read it, we love it. There will be many people who crave some of his attention by dissing the 4 Hour Body of course (such pessimists), but at the very least it should ignite a spark within the reader and if followed properly, enable the shedding of weight / building of muscle really quickly; the joy of extended orgasms and heightened sex life; and universal envy from friends and family that see a new, super-human among them:)

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