Book Review: Spontaneous Healing by Dr Andrew Weil

Dr Andrew Weil - Spontaneous Healing

Dr Andrew Weil’s New York Best Seller – Spontaneous Healing describes how we humans (or any animal for that matter) can enhance our own natural ability to heal ourselves – without the need for manufactured drugs!

Dr Andrew Weil originally trained as a traditional western allopathic doctor of medicine, but was never that traditional in mindset; he went in search of a shaman in the amazon rain forest in the early 1970’s, and although he never found him, he did come to realise something quite extra-ordinary about the difference between treating the symptoms of ill-health, and treating the cause.

He suggests that the body can heal itself of many everyday aliments, and even many serious illnesses.

“Simply as an evolutionary necessity, organisms must have mechanisms of self-repair to counter-act the forces that create injury, and illness. For most of our existence as a spcies, we have not had doctors, whether conventional, or otherwise. The survival of the species along implies the existence of a healing system”.

It’s a great book, providing instruction on how to create the right environment for our body to maintain and heal itself, this includes areas such as: diet, environment, stress, vitamins, supplements, herbs and tonics.

For the sceptics, and to backup his believes, it’s also packed full of real lifeĀ case studies from people who’ve cured themselves from conditions such as arthritis and cancer.

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