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Quick & Healthy Recipe: Paella

Quick and easy paella recipe

The Mediterranean diet is well known for being super healthy. One of the most popular dishes, originating from Valencia on the East Coast of Spain, is Paella.

Here’s how to make a quick, easy and  tasty version, loaded with goodness:

Serves 4-6 (depending how hungry everyone is)…

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Lemon Detox Diet

Lemon detox

What exactly is a lemon detox, and how on earth can it help us get clearer eyes, improved digestion and loose weight?

There are many variations but the original comes from this website: and involves drinking nothing but a mixture of lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper for 3-5 days! Apparently other benefits include: increased energy and vitality; shinier hair and nails; clearer skin and eyes; and an overall greater sense of self-worth.

Great…but how could this be possible?

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How To Handle Information Overload

Information Overload

Ever feel stressed out and overloaded with everything? Suffering under the amount of work piling up and outstanding jobs that need completing?

You’re not alone! Most businesses operating today must drive growth and cut costs just in order to remain in business, others do it to maximise profits, but either way, it’s the employees that get squeezed for every drop of output…eventually it takes its toll on our health if not tackled.

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First Post

Pic for blog post

Welcome to the blog and thanks for taking the time to check it out.  As the first entry, I wasn’t entirely sure what to write, but conscious of your time and maybe this being your first visit, I thought it appropriate to provide an overview of why the site was created and where we plan to take it.

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