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10 Things To Stick In The Weekly Shopping Basket

Healthy Food For The Shopping List

10 items to add to your weekly shopping list, ensuring you’ve got the basics covered for a healthy eating plan, despite a hectic schedule.

These will help you to cleanse every morning, snack between breakfast and lunch, keep muscles strong, avoid afternoon sugar cravings, maintain a healthy stomach, move things along internally and indulge a little:

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Our Body’s Foundations

Core stability

Office worker are particularly prone to bad backs…along with sciatica and RSI. ¬†Initially it tends to come and go (a warning sign), but if nothing is done about it, it can become permanent!

Often attributed to working from a computer all day i.e. sat down and hunched over your desk, there are three easy things we can do to both reduce the risk of developing a bad back in the first place and improve any existing problems.

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Book Review: Think And Grow Rich

Think And Grow Rich

There are certain books which are almost pre-requisites to success! The one for wealth creation is Napoleon Hill’s ‘Think And Grow Rich‘.

It is one of the most influencial best sellers of all time, selling over 15 million copies around the world. The reasons for its success: because it does what it says on the tin! During the research for the book, he interviewed 500 of the most affluent men and women of the time and put together a 13-step formula to achieve the same success – here they are…

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How And Why To Calculate Our Net Worth

How and why to calculate our net worth

Do you have a really tight grip on your finances – knowing exactly how much money is coming in and going out each month?

Many of us get so busy managing our careers, relationships and health – we neglect our wealth. If we’re spending money, the real cost is actually 10-30% more than the price tag – why? Because…

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Free download: Healthy Habits

Healthy Sales Exec's Healthy Habits - free download

Dictionary definition of a habit: ‘An action done on a regular basis; An action performed repeatedly and automatically, usually without awareness’.

We all have hundreds of habits – many of which have built up over the years without realising it. It’s therefore important to try and accumulate a few GOOD ones from time to time in order to compensate for all the BAD ones (especially when it comes to our health).

This free Healthy Habits download, is a collection of 27 habits (3 for each Principles Behind Great Health) that can be printed off and stuck to the fridge door – or anywhere else it can be looked at for a minute or two everyday until the habit has been formed.

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Use Google To Keep On Top Of The News, Stay Focussed And Boost Productivity

It’s not easy managing or prioritising the huge influx of other information coming at us every day.

The shear volume and variety of information to gorge on makes it far too tempting to put off the important things, such as completing actions that lead us towards our goals, and instead distract ourselves on things which are way beyond are control. The ‘news’ items are deliberately emotive in order to sell newspapers or increases TV ratings. Unfortunately this can eventually lead to stress and overwhelm as well as massively damage our productivity levels; fortunately, we now have RSS.

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