Great Reasons To Join A Gym

Great reasons to join a gymmuscles

Gymnasiums are no longer just full of beefcakes pumping iron. Most have turned into modern-day health clubs, and offer busy professionals every incentive and support to help get fit, get healthy and get sexy.

Here’s ten great reasons to join one…

  1. Membership fees – keeps the riffraff out and motivates us to use it.
  2. Long opening hours – so sessions can be scheduled before, during or after the office.
  3. Showers and changing rooms – so we can spruce up at lunch or before returning home.
  4. Wide variety of group classes – loose weight, build muscle or ┬átone up whilst having fun.
  5. TV and Music channels everywhere – keeping us entertained whilst getting buff.
  6. Fancy equipment that we could never afford – great for working out safely and effectively.
  7. Saunas and steam rooms – great for relaxing and sweating out even more toxins.
  8. Exercise makes our bodies work better – increasing energy, vitality and self-healing.
  9. Exercise makes our minds work better – improving confidence, focus and attitude.
  10. And finally, there is usually loads of eye candy around, especially personal trainers and class instructors, and although they usually are far too good looking and toned (especially at Fitness First in Cheltenham), they do know their stuff and can put together programs to achieve anything we want (and need).

If you’re not currently a member of a gym, why not try a free taster session by downloading a voucher? It’s essential to include at least 3 exercise sessions into a week, especially for anyone who sits down for most of the day and is constantly within reach of jam doughnuts.

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