10 Things To Stick In The Weekly Shopping Basket

Healthy Food For The Shopping List

10 items to add to your weekly shopping list, ensuring you’ve got the basics covered for a healthy eating plan, despite a hectic schedule.

These will help you to cleanse every morning, snack between breakfast and lunch, keep muscles strong, avoid afternoon sugar cravings, maintain a healthy stomach, move things along internally and indulge a little:

1. Lemons
For squeezing [a quarter] and adding to a glass of warm water to drink first thing in the mornings – helps cleanse the liver, colon and kidneys from all theĀ lymph (toxic waste) produced at night during the natural detoxification process.

2. Limes
Add a chunk to the glasses of water we drink during the day – making it taste much better and alkalising our blood (a great alternative to those liver-rotting fizzy drinks).

3. A bunch of bananas
Great for snacking on mid-morning or after exercise – they are packed full of nutrients. Each one contains 20% of the recommended daily amount of potassium, which we need to keep blood pressure down and the heart pumping optimally.

4. A small bag of nuts (brazil, almond etc.)
Great snack between meals and out on the road – boosts protein intake and helping muscles grow and repair.

5. A large water-rich fruit (watermelon, pineapple etc.)
Great mid-afternoon snack for that sugar craving time an hour after lunch – they’re full of organic water and natural sugars.

6. Tub of plain natural organic yogurt
Essential base for making creamy smoothies – full of nutrients and also great for the digestive and immune system.

7. Broccoli
Extremely versatile veggie – can be added to most dishes as a way of boosting intake of nutrients, packed full of stuff to help fight cancer.

8. A pot of fresh soup
Makes an ideal light meal, fast, if fridge is empty when returning home from work. Add some of the broccoli to triple the benefits.

9. A pot of humus or similar dip
Great for dipping strips of cucumber or pepper into – avoid the hunger pangs whilst making dinner in the evening (it’s high in fibre but also high in fat, so one tub per week maximum).

10. A treat
Small packet of freshly baked biscuits or bar of dark chocolate – because there will be times when we just feel like it.

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